Protection Only Where Needed

Protects the most injury prone portion of the shin, about a 9" area in the most common bar/shin vertical lift impact zone, while cutting out the extra bulk.

Flexibility In Any Movement

Helps protect from bar skin tears while dead-lifting or box jumping, but still allows you to run and do double unders.

Less Bulk Equals More Reps

Less material, cooler body temperature and less weight than conventional sleeves. Shinnovate’s can also be worn or removed easily without removing your shoes.


We all know CrossFitters love gear, so we made sure the Shinnovate Shin Guards look good too.


Shinnovate Shin Guards



About Why Shinnovate?

After years of regular visits to my local East Baltimore CrossFit box, I found that my shins were taking a serious beating. As my technique improved, it reduced the amount of red DNA I was cleaning up, but inevitably it happened again and again.

In an effort to prevent new abrasions, I started taping my shins, and even used body tape to stop wounds from reopening. These were temporary solutions at best. With my background as a mechanical engineer and city townhome rehabber, I have always been a hands-on problem solver. So I decided to create a solid, practical solution.

After about two years of monthly trips to my local drug store for sports tape and wide bandages, I started tinkering with standard shin guards. Then, after dozens of prototypes, tweaks and improvements, arrived at an optimal, ultra light, comfortable, and breathable guard to help you focus on your lifts and not your shins!

Enter Shinnovate.